How Does Geographic Location Affect Ancient Civilization

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Geographic locations have always had an impact in ancient civilizations. However, most historians and scholars firmly believe that different geographic locations have had maximum effects towards civilizations. These effects made by geographic locations include migration, culture, and the trading system. These impacts are undeniable and they have given ancient civilizations powerful diversities and different aspects in their societies. Different geographic locations have lead numerous migration movements throughout history. Based of off the third chapter of the fourth edition history textbook titled, "Worlds Together, Worlds Apart: A History of the World: From 1000 CE to the Present” by Robert Tignor, there has been migration movements due to climate issues. The third chapter states that due to drought and food scarcity in the third millennium, nomadic and transhumant migrants had to leave the central and western…show more content…
Since the beginning, trading systems have always always been globally connected. Around early 1500 BCE, trade routes began to form all around North Africa, Eastern Mediterranean, and Southwest Asia. Goods such as basic metals, fabric, and pottery have been available thanks to the geographical trade routes. These trade routes
CULTURE IMPACTS DUE TO GLs- (p.95) Explain how different Overall geographic locations have helped shaped a wide range of cultures in ancient civilizations. Migration movements, culture, and trading system impacts have occurred based off of the different geographic areas they are located. Not only has migrating and trading has deeply influence different cultures due to its global location, but it has also put s have been an impact in human history. Without the importance of geographical locations, it would have been difficult to determined where each crucial piece of ancient civilization came from. Geographic locations also tells historians

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