How Does Geography Affect Alberta

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Geography is the number one factor in shaping a region! The resources you have is all because of the geography and with that can make or break a region. Geography gives us industries, and industries make money, with less valuable resources or very little quantity of it can make your economy shrink while lots of valuable resources can lead your economy to great things. The geography is the single most important thing about a region. Geography makes the industries. Alberta is flat, parries, parkland, and a fertile province. North the prairie is dry, but has lots of good soil. Alberta has a large oil reserve making the oil industry very valuable while in British Columbia it is very mountainous and is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, thus, making…show more content…
In British Columbia resource-based activities have been the basis of BC’s economy throughout history, and the aboriginal people depended on the resources of the land and sea for their food. Fish processing remains a very important part of BC’s economy. In 2010, the economic impact for fishing was $546 million dollars in wages and benefits, 55 million in tax revenues, freshwater fishing came to $957 million in expenditures. As for Alberta’s economy, it is a highly developed one, the oil industry has a significant impact in Alberta’s economy. Alberta has supplied oil and gas to the rest of Canada and the USA. A rapid rise in the worlds price of oil in the early 1970s drove Alberta’s economy to a rapid increase.. Alberta’s oil is used for transportation fuels, to heat homes/buildings, generate electricity, and manufacture lubricants, waxes, plastics and more. Alberta is the home to the largest oil reserve in the country; in 2012 the oil sands produced 1.74 million barrels of oil a day and estimated to 90 billion dollars to Canada 's gross domestic product. As you can see from above geography is the most important thing about any region. It creates industries and jobs, depending on your geography and natural resources it can lead the economy to new heights or it can make it suffer. Furthermore, you can see without the works of Mother Nature we would live a no industry, no job, no money, no food life, and everyone would
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