How Does Geography Affect Egypt

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A country's environment and geographical location has an influence on the people and their way of life.Egypt is an example of this. Egypt is located in the northeastern part of Africa. Egypt's land is mostly desert, so the Aswan High Dam was built. This dam allowed Egypt to have year-round irrigation, and to grow three crops a year rather than just one. Since the Nile River flows through Egypt, most Egyptians live along its banks, so that they can use it for water and transportation. Egypt's location by the Nile River and its mostly desert land have affected the Egyptians crops and where they choose to live.

The first way that Egypt's environment has affected the people is since Egypt's land is mostly desert, the Aswan High Dam was built. By this dam being built farmers have year-round irrigation, and can grow three crops a year rather than just one. After the crops have been harvested, families will have enough food to feed their whole family. Farmers no longer have to depend on the annual flooding of the Nile to bring water to their fields. This dam also prevents huge floods that would destroy towns and villages. The Aswan High Dam has many uses such as preventing floods, generate electricity, and allowing farmers to have year around irrigation for farming. …show more content…

Most Egyptians live along the banks of the Nile River, so that they will have access to the water they need. The uses of this water are for water sources, transportation, and irrigation for farming. The water creates soil that is great for farming. In Egypt, the Nile River creates a green valley across the desert that is good for farming. People do not want to live in a hot and dry desert that have little water sources. They want to live near clean and resourceful rivers that contain plenty of water for them to use for farming, transportation, and water

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