How Does George Kill Lennie's Death In Of Mice And Men

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Have you ever made a decision that costs a lot, but is for the good of others? In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, is about two ranch handers trying to get through the Great Depression on a farm. The protagonists George and Lennie are best friends, unfortunately Lennie has a disability that affects him in every way. This makes George have to make a decision to kill Lennie or be on the run. George makes the decision to kill Lennie because might not be able to get away so he would get beat up for killing Curley’s wife, he doesn’t want Lennie to kill anything else so he takes his life. Lennie does many bad things that lead to his death. Before the novel starts it talks about how Lennie frightened a woman so they got ran out of Weed “They run us out of Weed”, (Steinbeck 91). This leads to many more mistakes that Lennie makes which affects…show more content…
The thing she does the most will lead to her death. She provokes Lennie which was a terrible thing to do because he is not the brightest person in the world. She taunts him to pet her hair which Lennie likes soft things. She does not know what he is capable of. So she freaks out and he hold son when she is telling him to let go. This makes Lennie angry so he eventually shakes her around and breaks her neck. Due to Curley’s wife provakadveness Lennie kills her. Due to her being Curley’s wife and Curley being a cruel person, that when he finds out he would beat and torture Lennie. So this makes George be the one has to give Lennie a quick and swift kill. George kills Lennie also because he doesn 't want to be on the run like he has most of the time been. So Lennie is stressing on George 's life but George feels to guilty to have him run, because he couldn 't live on his own. So George has to kill Lennie because he has no other choice for Lennie 's future. This was the best choice for Lennie in George 's mind. He also thinks this world is too cruel for
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