How Does George Orwell Use Mind Control In The Book 1984

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In George Orwell’s futuristic novel, 1984, he predicts that from 1949 to 1984 a revolution will occur to restore order to Oceania. From this revolution emerged a government that uses mind control and twenty four hour surveillance to control its citizens. Throughout the story readers get to know the thoughts of the main character, Winston Smith. This new government, The Party, is controlled by an elusive man called Big Brother. To keep the citizens of Oceania under command and loyal to The Party, they are only exposed to certain things. The party can dictate what people do by filtering what they see, hear, and know.
A common language unites a group of people. To maintain unity amongst citizens and between them and the government is key. Every year, The Party produces a new dictionary with refined terminology to control the way that people are communicating. A character named Syme tells Winston about the newest edition of the Newspeak dictionary that he is helping
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Across the country posters, banners, slogans, and songs can be seen and heard promoting loyalty to Big Brother. Inner party members, Outer party members, and the Proles are all constantly given the loyalty propaganda. Telescreens are in almost every home, shop, and workplace capturing every word and movement. Continuously, the Telescreens play tunes and very frequently announcements are made of the victories at the non-existent frontlines, or a report of falsified supply increases. Citizens of Oceania are only allowed to sing certain songs that were written for them which contain carefully chosen words. Ampleforth, an appointed poetry maker, was imprisoned because, “We were producing a definitive edition of the poems of Kipling. I allowed the word ‘God’ to remain at the end of a line. I could not help it” (Orwell 231). The party believes that the use of the word “God” denotes from their own power, so it is
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