How Does Gertrude Create Tension In Act 4 Of Hamlet

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Act 4: Now that Hamlet has accidentally murdered polonius he is even more distraught than before. He is unaware of who he is and what he is capable of doing. This state of mind leads Hamlet to hide the body in an attempt to make the problem disappear; it is his way of avoiding the issue at hand. Claudius has caught wind of the murder and after the play Hamlet produced he is scared that in Hamlet's’ delirious state his death will be next. Claudius plans for Hamlet to leave and ultimately die when he is away in England. This is done out of Claudius’s fear for his life as well as that of Gertrude, and the now grieving Ophelia. Now that Ophelia’s plan has derailed she is grief stricken and is able to disguise this grief behind the death of her father. On Hamlet’s journey towards England he awakens from his poisoned state where he realizes what …show more content…

In his distraction Laertes lunges towards Hamlet denying him time to explain his predicament. After their altercation Hamlet explains what he still believes as the truth of King’s plot against him. Hamlet and Laertes agree to a duel, but Hamlet is unaware of the poisoned dagger that Laertes is using. Hamlet has a moment of distraction from Claudius's reaction when Gertrude drinks out of a poisoned wine glass. Laertes is able to would hamlet with the dagger but loses grip and drops is soon after. Hamlet reaches for the dropped dagger and wounds Laertes and then lunges over also killing Claudius too. As Gertrude, Laertes, and Hamlet begin to die it is Laertes that recognizes the gaps in the story and is able to place Ophelia as the cause of all of their problems. In Hamlet’s last moments he is forgiven for the misconception about his sanity. Ophelia’s truth is revealed but it is too late to save those who were poisoned. Horatio observed the scene play out and is awe stricken by the total misconception that was

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