How Does Gertrude Use Fortinbras A Foil In Hamlet

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Catalyst for Prince Hamlet’s revenge In William Shakespeare's play Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, the uncertain ghost of the recently dead King Hamlet informs Prince Hamlet about the events of his death caused by the now King Claudius. Prince Hamlet then embarks on a journey to discover the truth behind his father's unusual death and to seek the revenge that is necessary for the result of his father's assassination. In his play Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, William Shakespeare uses a foil, the symbol of death, and Gertrude's hasty death to provoke Prince Hamlet to complete his obligation to avenge his father's death. As Prince Hamlet plays around with the idea of revenge, Shakespeare uses Fortinbras as a foil character to inspire Prince Hamlet…show more content…
Throughout the play, Prince Hamlet reflects and evaluates the meaning of death. It is not until Prince Hamlet has the possession of Yorick's skull in his hands where he finally confronts the meaning of death. Prince Hamlet is then capable making his own opinions about the subject. Prince Hamlet declares, "As thus: Alexander died… returneth to dust, the dust is earth, of earth we make loam... that earth which kept the world in awe/ Should patch a wall..." (Shakespeare, V, i, 208-216), this is the turning point for Prince Hamlet’s character. Prince Hamlet realizes that death is an unstoppable fate for everyone, even for himself. Since Prince Hamlet comprehends that death is a fate for humanity that can’t be escaped, this element eliminates the distinction between people. This recognition allows Prince Hamlet to accept the fate of death which develops his character in a mature way. The topic of death grants Prince Hamlet to carry out his obligation of revenge because he is now aware of the fact that death will emerge as a repercussion of revenge, just as it the creator. Shakespeare uses Yorick's skull to develop Prince Hamlet’s character with the idea of death so that he can continue with his ultimate

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