How Does Global Warming Affect Coral Reefs

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Understanding the Problem at Hand: Coral Reefs It is important for people worldwide to learn of the importance of the coral reefs and of the negative effects that unrestricted tourism and global warming have been causing to them. To clearly see the big picture, one must first go back to see the early roots of the problem. Coral reefs have been being mapped out as early as some of the first maritime sailors, and soon turned out to be a huge destination for tourism. Unregulated tourism is almost always bad, and this turned out to be the case for the coral reefs as well. Once it became apparent that the coral reefs were decreasing at an extremely high rate, governments and scientists finally did something right by regulating tourism attempting to save the once great coral reefs. What this bigger picture out of history shows us is the root of the problem and also insights of what can be done to further protect the…show more content…
Learning of the problem and identifying major aspects of it is the key to finding an answer to finally being able to solve it. Tourism may have caused the downfall of the coral reefs, but it also is an answer to saving them. Finding weak points in how we use to protect coral has been able to offer us a lot of new more effective ways to keep coral preserved and protected. Understanding why and how global warming is affecting the coral reefs so much has given us a lot of breakthroughs to possibly keep coral alive and well through it all. The main thing that was learned when looking into the past and seeing the root of the problem is that everyone can help make a difference when it comes to preserving coral. It is very important for people to become educated on coral especially if that person is going to tour a coral reef. Knowing the problem is the first step towards keeping this beautiful coral ecosystem alive and well so that future generations can enjoy it for years and years to
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