How Does Global Warming Affect Polar Bears

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Polar bears live in very cold climate, they cannot live in moderate or hot climates, their bodies and all their fur is not made to survive those hot blazing temperatures. “Polar bears are found in very cold climates it is what they need to survive, they are usually found throughout the circumpolar Arctic.” (Polar bears habitat & distribution). “The majority of polar bears are found near land masses around the edge of the polar basin, where the continental shelf can make for idea hunting for the polar bears.” (Polar bears habitat & distribution). “Most polar bears follow the southern edge of the ice pack year-round”. (Polar bears habitat & distribution). “Average Arctic temperatures are -30 degrees in the winter time and usual highs of 32 degrees in the summer”. (Polar bears habitat & distribution). “Most polar bears go to St. James bay because of the cold temperatures and huge ice glaciers”. (Polar bears habitat & distribution). Global warming is playing a huge role in polar bears current life and futures to come. “Global warming is affecting the polar bears the most out of anyone yet, scientists are predicting that two thirds of polar bears will disappear by 2050”. (Global warming &…show more content…
“A mother polar bear with carry a polar bear cub in its stomach for 8 months this time is called the gestation period”. (Polar bears birth & care). “The mothers will give birth to the cubs in a den that they stay in to protect the cubs from the dangerous cold climate temperatures in the winter.” (Polar bears birth & care). “Polar bears cubs are born November through January in their den, the mother and cubs emerge from the den in late March and early April”. (Polar bears birth & care). “Polar bear cubs are born 16-24 oz. when they are just born they also are born with their eyes closed”. (Polar bears birth & care). “Mother polar bears are very protective over their young cubs”. (Polar bears birth &

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