How Does Global Warming Affect The Inuits

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The inuits have a strong bond. They are a big family and work together as a community to have enough supply for the dogs and themselves. The men work. The women stay home with the kids.Every person has their own job. All men work to support their families. The strong bond between the inuits help them support the dogs and the community. The natural patterns need to be understood in the wildlife. The weather determines if they can get enough food. If they dont know the pattern they might not get enough to live off. They need to know the natural patterns for survival. If the iniuts didnt understand the patterns they wouldnt know how to. Global warming is disrupting the units natural pattern. The way global warming is changing their living. It is harder for the inuits to catch animals. The ice is melting and making it unsafe for the inuits. They cant survive without food. Global warming is making unsafe conditions changing their lifes. They are having limited amount of food.…show more content…
It depends if they will have enough to survive. The climate limits food for dogs and the family. Also everything around them that they never had to deal with for years before. The environment is unpredictable. It is limiting their supply for food and clothing. This is very significant because it is something that they dont understand as they didnt have to deal with it for centuries

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