Globalization And Youth Essay

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Globalization is sharing and interchanging of ideas, thoughts, technologies and services. It has increased trade and communication. Earlier base of communication was slower but globalisation has made the flow of information faster. Linkage between local and global constitutes globalization process. It focuses on economic growth of the country. Indigenous knowledge is often considered as traditional and outdated. It has made the countries stereotype. The cities which are associated with history, tradition and culture have lost their essence. Availability and access to diverse products at lower prices have brought a gradual shift in indigenous culture. Each and every individual has been affected from clothing to lifestyle due to globalisation. Consumerism has changed the society and the youth is more susceptible to these influences. It is a slow process and India is losing its character, identity and tradition as people are adopting western culture due to the ease it has provided.
Voluntary surrender to modern ways of life and advance technology has lead to loss of some of the traditions and cultures of India and made indigenous knowledge irrelevant.

India is expertise in farming. Green revolution has made major
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As a result local craft is facing competition in the global market. Thus traditional items are modernized to suit the contemporary taste of foreign tourist. It has become difficult for the artisans to produce items with the changing demand of the consumer. The crafts have lost originality so as to influence this globalized market. Major part of the profit is dragged by the middle traders. Artisans are ignoring the quality for gaining more profits. Hence it is necessary that the local products must be worth gaining momentum in the competitive market. Also, artisans are facing problems in market linkage due to rural location and lack of training to showcase their products

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