Impact Of Globalization

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Introduction In the year 1980s globalization has been increasingly prominent in today’s world. Globalization brings together an integration of companies, people and government from different nations to a process of investment, international trade and aided by information technology not forgetting the culture aspect which is also heading towards globalization. Globalization has been an influence to everyone in terms of its good and bad aspects of it. Whether we like it or not, globalization is the necessity setting course for the future where we are heading. For every nation to gather its full benefits of globalization, it is fairly important for each nation to create a level of playing field.
The first impact of globalization on
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This brings a wide and increase improvements in the world human rights where majority of the low developed countries are facing civil wars because of instability of the economy and legal rights. With this, the low developed countries has manage to bring upon a drawing of humanitarian support from the UN agencies such as the world bodies whereby they tend to provide security so as the basic needs of what the country need during that period of time. Not forgetting that globalization is also able to bring new or a lifetime opportunity for the countries that are lowly developed. Improvement in the access of the country markets so as the technology has successfully transferred a promise where productivity and a higher living standard will be met. With the, improve of the standard of living means that there will be an increase of population in the country itself where it is able to strive forward to become a develop country…show more content…
Technically it is about how society is differentiating the role of male and female roles. When the MAS score are high, men are found to be “tough” and they were the provider so as being assertive. Moreover, when woman tends to work away from home they have the tendency to have separated profession from men. As MAS score that is low it doesn’t reverse the role. Therefore, you will be able to see men and women equally working together across any profession. This also leads to point where men are allow to sensitive and the woman are able to work harder for a better and much better of professional success. ( On the other hand, referencing gender aspects are brought forward to globalization. The evidences are that woman is being able to work as a casual labor. With globalization in today’s era, many woman are able to expand their employment situation but not much has been done reduce the inequality of gender. The fact that the involvement of mass media so as social-political culture aspect, crimes that are done against woman are generally increasing
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