Relationship Between Human Rights And Globalization

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Human rights are what make us human. They are the principles by which we create the sacred home for human dignity. Human rights are what reason requires and conscience commands. - Kofi Annan, UN SECRETARY GENERAL
The United Nation defines human rights as ’’rights underlying to all human beings, regardless of place of residence, sex, our nationality or ethnic origin, , religion, colour language, or any other status. These rights are inalienable from any individual . These are those basic rights of life which are required for maintaining a decent standard of living.
In the contemporary era, issues arising with context to human rights have gained a lot of attention. It has become a much discussed topic
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This can be seen in two forms, one being the advancement of human rights as a result of globalisation and the other being the challenge posed by globalisation in the protection of human rights. Looking at the positive aspect , it was because of globalisation only that the so called 3rd generation human rights came into existence. The rights of the indigenous people, cultural rights of people have all been on global forums due to globalisation. The incidents of genocide and inhuman behaviour could not have ever been noticed had it not been for…show more content…
. one is the changed concept of human rights and second being changed players of abuse and protection of human rights.. the nations which brought about globalisation and were expected to be guarantors of globalisation turned into major violators of human rights. Colonisation has come back in the garb of globalisation. It has provided a pathway for the deterioration of the developing nations. Nations in west asia and Africa have been the biggest losers in this context. The talks and discussions for the protection of rights of these people have been more as a double edged sword. The discussions keep going as is the case with Syrians and people of Nigeria or mali with no respite to the hapless victims of
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