How Does Globalization Achieve Sustainable Prosperity

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Globalization describes how the world finds itself connected today. In order to achieve sustainable prosperity we need to use the connections and relationships we have made through globalization. Instead of a farmer in Newfoundland only being able to sell their product in their home town, that same farmer can sell their product to a global market. This allows the farmer to expand to a larger group of people and allows someone in another location to get a product that they may not have access to. However Globalization itself doesn’t really contribute to the prosperity of all people. Like with all other aspects of life, there will be people who are successful and those who are not as successful. Globalization just increases the amount of resources,…show more content…
Another reason so many industrial jobs have left the most developed nations is because of the environmental regulations their governments have imposed. In order to protect the environment, strict limitations are placed on pollution and waste. A consequence of these restrictions is that the companies that employ people send the jobs to countries where the environmental standards are much less stringent. Thus, although the environment is better served by the laws against environmental degradation, the economies of those nations suffer. And although jobs come to the less developed nations, boosting the economies there, the environment suffers because the restrictions against pollution are less strict. Major companies such as Suncor and Syncrude have legal obligations with the government to restore the land that they are using to as close as they can to the natural state they found it. Sometimes these legal obligations are too expensive for companies to adhere to so they do not proceed with building the plant. This has a significant impact on environmental sustainability as well as sustainable prosperity of the people in that area or
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