How Does Globalization Affect Online Shopping

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1.4.6 The effect of globalization due to online shopping in comparison with local stores
According to Alam and Elaasi (2016) traditional stores and markets were the only option available to the shoppers to get access to products and services. However, with the rapid development and access to the internet and the increased uptake of e-shopping, there has been a major shift in consumer attitudes and behaviours. According to (Suki 2016; Rishi 2015) the globalization of the internet and increased adoption of online shopping have enhanced the access to products and services. The resultant increase in access to products and services affected consumer behaviour positively, noting that it reduced the need to visit the traditional store, which increased
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As an example, Alam and Elaasi (2016) pointed out that many Saudi Arabians show a positive attitude towards online shopping, considering that it reduces the time needed to evaluate products, and also increases access to substitute products for comparison. In particular, the Saudi Arabians with high levels of disposable income are more willing to buy products online, despite that confidence levels in the online payment platform are still low (Alsomali, Gholami and Clegg 2009). According to Alsomali, Gholami and Clegg (2009) the benefit that most Saudi Arabians report for their willingness to purchase products online, as compared to shopping in traditional stores was that it is convenient and goods are cost effective. AlGhamdi, Nguyen and Jones (2013) reported that since the start of the 2000s, 46 percent of Saudi Arabians reported high levels of preference for online shopping, noting the flexibility offered to purchase and pay for products from any…show more content…
This would be achieved by conducting focused based interviews in groups which will give a deeper understanding of the consumer experience, influences and their preferences of choosing a global or local brand and their reasons for purchase.
This study will also share a broader perspective of the current macro-economic situation in Saudi Arabia which will aid in suggesting the best fit model for communication and implementation strategy and give an insight of the outcomes that can be expected. This study will conclude by sharing the highlights and impact of this research work and the further scope for researchers who would like to carry out extended research on similar topics in the
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