How Does Globalization Affect Our Identity

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Globalization is countries around the world sharing their economical, social, political, environmental,and technologies with other countries around the world creating a diverse world . You may not think that globalization happens in you community, but most likely one thing that you are wearing, eating, or doing is the result of globalization. There for globalization plays a big role in the way our Identity is shaped, since it plays such a big role in our everyday lives. Globalization helps in creating a harmonious society, and an identity worldwide that focuses on capitalistic values, it also creates more diversification in culture and our identities. These three positions help us understanding just how big of an effect globalization has on our personal and collective Identities Some people may think that globalizations is threatening the unique and varied cultures in our society, but having a more common Identity through the world will help keep the peace between countries. For example south korea and North Korea Have been at a disagreement for sixty- eight years and now partly due to globalization North and South Korea are going to have a conference and they will discuss ending the conflict between the two. Both Korea’s also walked into the…show more content…
People don’t acknowledge globalization as being a big part of shaping our identity, because they don't realise globalization is always there. Almost everything in or everyday life is somehow connected to globalization, or the impact, and effect of it. These three arguments of how globalization helps in creating a harmonious society, an identity worldwide that focuses on capitalistic values, and how it creates a more diverse world. Really show just how much we need globalization in playing a part of shaping our own Identities along with the identities of groups, and countries around the
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