How Does Globalization Hurts Poor Countries

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Globalization hurts the world’s poorest nations Vicious debate is going on in the world to argue concerning the issue of the benefits and the hurts of globalization. Many critics have been brought to the scene concerning the negative effects of globalization. Through its process of development and expansion, globalization has never gained the world nations with an equal share of its advantages. Rather, globalization helped the rich countries to grow towards getting richer and the poor countries to decline downwards getting even poorer. Globalization is blamed for causing environmental degradations, abuses and other various problems. Financial controversies are also attached to the negative contributions of globalization. The increasing and…show more content…
Globalization is also blamed for helping some dictatorial governments of developing countries to be more dictators through improper use of the financial benefit they received from financial institutions like International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank! The systems and objectives of the financial institution are designed by and through massive influence of the political, economical and ideological purposes of developed nations like United States and United Kingdom. Thus, globalization primarily promotes the values of developed and rich nations and disfavors the values of developing nations. Even developed countries themselves recognized this fact as stated by Jerry Mander, Debi Baker and David Korten saying, “Even the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) confirms the United Nations ' (UN) conclusions, agreeing that globalization brings massive inequalities. The benefits of globalization do not reach the poor, says the CIA, and the process inevitably brings increased global protest and chaos”,…show more content…
The human greed abused globalization and its systems. As a result, we, especially people who live in developing countries, are forced to experience unspeakable crises caused by the abused global system. If employed genuinely and responsibly, improving the negative effects of globalization could be possible. If minimizing and reducing the negative influences of globalization is employed properly, globalization could and would help the developing countries and the human family in general to stay connected and interacted to share the good and to avoid or reduce the bad, to promote development and education, to facilitate help and support in global context, and to create trade networks and organizational systems that can maintain the advantage of the global nations either they are rich or poor, or either they are developed or developing

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