How Does Golding Present Fear In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies, by William Golding is a novel that tells the story of a group of young boys whose plane crashes on a deserted island with no adults or other human beings. They learn how to survive and set up a system that they stick to for a long amount of time. They all vote that Ralph becomes the head chief of all of them. Throughout the book, most of the boys, except for Simon, develop a fear towards the beast that they think lives on the island. Lord of the Flies demonstrates that fear controls peoples actions. In the novel, Simon represented the goodness of the world. He is not scared of the beast or anything the other boys are afraid of, but he is afraid of the boys and the evil inside of them. While the boys were arguing about whether …show more content…

Ralph is the character who would be considered the good guy, but when he feels fear, he turns into a savage like the other boys. When Simon was being killed by the group of savages, Ralph joined them because he thought that Simon was the beast that was going to kill them (152). Ralph is supposed to be the calm leader, the opposite of Jack, but when he gets scared of his safety, he turns into a savage like the others and kills Simon. Towards the end of the book, Ralph is being chased by the savages and Ralph is seen by two of them. They come up to attack him but Ralph takes his stick and stabs both of them in their torso areas (194). Since Ralph was scared of the savages killing him, he took matters into his own hands and decided the only way to save himself was to kill the savages trying to kill him. Ralph starts to develop animal characteristics such as launching himself like a cat and he was snarling at the savages (195). These are not normal actions for Ralph. He represents civilization, meaning that he acts like a civil person who chooses to be reasonable and calm. Since he was fearful of the savages, he started to develop animalistic characteristics and lost all sense of …show more content…

After Jack makes his tribe and starts hunting with them, Ralph and Piggy start to notice that many of the boys have left to join Jack's tribe. Piggy also figures out that the boys left to survive and hunt, not to play (131).The boys are leaving because they are fearful of their survival. They know that Jack is the expert when it comes to hunting so they leave Ralph because they know that if they go with Jack, they are guaranteed food and they know they’ll survive on the island. When Jack goes to kill the beast, all of the boys except for Ralph, Piggy and Simon, go to join him. Once Jack cut the head off and stuck it on the stick, all of the boys ran away in fear (137). When the boys see the head on the stick, they get scared because they are just little boys. In their heads, they are not mature enough yet to realize that there is no beast coming to get the offering. But since they are little boys, they run away because they know that if they stay there any longer, the beast could get them like he got Milbury face. When Simon runs into the feast, the boys begin to attack Simon thinking that he is the beast trying to attack them. (153) The boys don’t think or scream when they see the “beast” emerge from the jungle. They all grab their sticks and start attacking Simon, and they even realize that it is Simon but they keep killing him because fear has

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