How Does Golding Present Fear In Lord Of The Flies

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Have you ever felt too scared to speak your mind because every time you do someone makes fun of you or calls you cruel names? Can you imagine getting stuck on an island with no adult to help me survive? Would you be able to survive? The book the Lord of the Flies was written by William Golding. In the beginning of the story a group of school boys from England are in a plane that crashes onto an island, but they all fell in different areas of the island. The school boys main focus was to survive and get rescued. While Piggy and Ralph were looking for the other boys that also fell onto the island they saw a conch. Then Piggy had suggested to Ralph that he should blow into the conch to help them call for the other boys. They selected someone to…show more content…
An example of how he was scared is in the beginning when he was talking to Ralph. While they were walking around the island to figure out where the other boys were and they were talking to evaluate if they really were on an island. Then Piggy mentions the pilot and and if they was any adults also on the island. Ralph basically told him no and his reaction was “No grownups!” (Golding 2). Piggy shows he is scared that they are stuck on the island on their own with no adults. You can tell Piggy is scared by the tone of his voice when he replied to Ralph. Thus, showing that Piggy wasn’t the bravest out of all the other boys. Here 's an example of Piggy’s character transforming. In the book Jack is always making fun of Piggy. Jack was being rude to Piggy and saying his fat behind doesn’t do nothing to help while piggy was trying to talk. However some of the time Piggy stands up for himself, “I got the conch … you let me speak!”(Golding 33). Piggy illustrates how its not easy to have integrity. This is because whenever he tries to talk the others mainly Jack just tell him to shut up or take his glasses from him making him feel uncomfortable. This would make anyone feel isolated because every time they try to help or speak they get shut…show more content…
Piggy’s glasses connects to his integrity because he acted like his true self when he had them on. Also as shown here by the way he instantly reacted to Ralph. Ralph was in the pool, while Piggy is on the side of the pool, then Ralph squirts water onto Piggy and laughs. He thought Piggy was going to just let it go and not do anything, but “Piggy beat the water with his hand” onto Ralph (Golding 131). Piggy demonstrates the lesson he learns because if Ralph had done this in the beginning of the book Piggy would 've just taken it or try to ask him to stop. However instead Piggy felt he had to
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