How Does Great Brother Influence Big Brother

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The fact that Big Brother targets young people, in particular, and tries to brainwash them into loving the party, is similar to Hitler’s attempts to get young people on his side and to get them involved in his conquest. This is one of the main ways in which Big Brother gains control over Oceania. By targeting the younger generation, they can be sure that they do not have many previous thoughts and are not as logical as adults, to work out when Big Brother has twisted the truth or tried to cover up the past. They also make the party appeal to the children, by having songs, processions, banners and celebrations and even turn them against their parents, by encouraging children to turn their parents in for the slightest clue against loving the party. Big Brother seemed like a big game for children and it was a way for them to let out their ferocity against real enemies to the party.

The second way in which Big Brother attempted to maintain control and power, was by completely destroying privacy and by monitoring through telescreens, a cross between a camera and a television, which had to be installed into every home to scrutinize any suspicious behavior or rule breaking. This way, big brother had complete control over everyone (apart from the proletarians who did not
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They also have the ability of vaporizing people and use things called memory holes where any information can be completely wiped out from people’s memory and no longer exists. The same happens when someone is vaporized; they no longer ever existed. With this power, the party can say anything they want and erase anyone or anything from existence to suite them and still, people will believe them, without
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