How Does Gun Control Affect Teenagers Essay

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This essay will confer about Gun control, Crime and Teen violence. These topics are

enormous issue that needs to be solved. Firearm and Violence is poisoning the youth

because people of the ages of 12-19 are dying from avoidable situation involving teens with

guns. Firearms and Crime. These two issues seem to clash with one another a questions that

are asked frequently are Do guns by its own nature lead to Crime or Violence? And Are two

correlated to one another? These Questions come across many minds of citizens, Gun

control is an important issue in a Canadian society. Canada has strict provincial and federal

purchase or sale of a gun. By making gun laws strict and very difficult to access it would

reduce crime, violence, and incident deaths of teens.

Gun Control
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The owner of a firearm should regularly renew training and

refresh their permits much like a driving license. In addition it would lower mass killings

upon our nation and it can only be done by guns. Another solution is to educate the youth

about gun violence. By educating the youth this lower the risk of a teens getting their hands

on a gun or committing a crime.

|Three Problems The World Needs to Solve|

Abdirahman Abdi Dahir

Firearm and Crime

Crime is major problem in Canada. The opposing argument believes there's zero correlation

between firearm and Crime. Homicide data from FBI indicates 72.5 percent of crimes

involve a handgun. Crime exists, and it should not be ignored. Crime creeps all round the

world in counties, cities, and even villages. People really wonder why people commit

crimes. People commit crimes for many reasons. One reason would be some people have

nowhere else to get but to commit crimes, which sadly is true. These people are the ones

that can’t get a job and are living on the streets. They feel helpless and very depress so they

steal for their own wellbeing. People commit crimes for many reasons such as
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