Gun Violence In Schools Essay

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At a recent high school football game, a line of excited fans was waiting to purchase tickets when, all of a sudden, loud bursts exploded in the sky. Frantic parents and children scattered in all directions only to realize fireworks were being displayed to celebrate "Senior Night" at Nettleton High School. The sad fact is that daily, the news is filled with stories about mass shootings in schools, theaters, malls, and other places. Innocent lives are being taken by gun violence and nobody seems to have answers. Ben Demenech made a valid point when he stated, "When a tragedy strikes on a natural scale, our initial reactions have commonality to them: We recoil in shock and are overcome with sorrow. But then, as anger and frustration set in, we begin to divide to blame the things we have always blamed for the evils around us." In essence, gun violence is causing an excessive amount of social, emotional, and economic issues in society. …show more content…

Every time a harmful bullet is fired injuring a person, police investigations, emergency services, and mental health care services are required. Taxes tend to increase because the need exists for more workers in these skilled areas. It is almost like the domino effect. The prisons are filling due to the rise in crime, so more money is needed to provide housing, medical, and meal expenses for prisoners. Of course, American citizens do not want to pay more taxes, but no other choices are available when such issues in society cause the demand for funding. Politicians continue to debate the issue of gun control, but the actual truth of the matter is not in controlling or limiting gun sales and usage. The problem is a decline in the morals of society. If a deranged person or criminal wants to use a gun, he or she will find a way, legal or

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