How Does Gunpowder Affect Society

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Game-Changing Gunpowder In 850 CE, alchemists who were trying to find a way to live forever accidentally invented gunpowder. This accidental invention has had a major affect on modern day society. Gunpowder is an explosive that fuels many everyday objects. It has been needed for survival, has changed overtime, and has had a large impact on society. These topics will be covered in the following paragraphs. Gunpowder is an invention that has severely affected the modern world, as it has caused the world to become a more complex place.
The formula for gunpowder was invented during the Tang Dynasty. During this dynasty, people worked mostly as silk farmers, regular farmers, and merchants. They played kite games and created music. The cities were
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One reason that gunpowder doesn’t make the world a more complex place is that the dangerous and safe affects of gunpowder may even out. Some people might believe this because although many people are killed because of gunpowder, many lives are also saved because of it. If these two uses of gunpowder even out, it would have a small overall effect on society. Although this is a good point, in many scenarios gunpowder is used in a dangerous way rather than a good one. For example, people who own guns are 4.5 times more likely to be shot than an unarmed person (The Daily Beast). This shows that carrying a gun is actually more dangerous than not having one. For this reason, the dangerous aspects of gunpowder outweigh the uses for safety. Another reason that gunpowder may not have a large affect on society is that gunpowder itself is not as dangerous as items that use gunpowder. Someone might believe this because many of the dangerous and protective characteristics of gunpowder listed in this paper have been about products that use gunpowder. While these items might be dangerous, gunpowder itself isn’t that dangerous. If the items that use gunpowder are dangerous but gunpowder itself is not, then it is the products that have an affect on society. While this statement is true, it is also partially incorrect. Gunpowder is what makes these products dangerous.
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