How Does Gymnastics Lead To False Success?

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All my life I have been an extremely competitive person, and I have always strived to be the best that I could be. Therefore, to me, this quote means that one must know how to follow rules and play fairly in life before they strive to be the best. Cheating and lying may seem like a way to find success, but these tactics lead to false success. In order to find genuine success, one must follow the rules. Gymnastics has been a part of my life since I was three, and it has always been an enormous commitment. In high school I decided to join my school 's gymnastics team. My school isn 't known for having an amazing gymnastics team, and we had never won a City Championship Title. During my freshman year, two of the teams who participated in the City Championship meet with us, were huge rivals. My team and I knew we couldn 't beat either of these teams but we were very intrigued to find out who would win. We showed up the day of the meet and we enjoyed ourselves and tried our hardest. We ended in third…show more content…
I was extremely excited to be captain because of my love for the sport and for my amazing team, especially because it was going to be my last year competing. My school has still not won a City Championship, but my team and I wanted to change that this year. We all pushed ourselves to the limit, and we worked harder than ever before. On the day of our City Championship meet, we cheered each other on and we put on our best performance. We were all worried that the team that had been disqualified during my freshman year was going to win. They were by far our biggest competition, but we didn 't let that stop us. In the end it paid off and we won our first every city title by just a mere two-tenths of a point. It was such an amazing moment and most of my team, including myself, were in tears. It was so rewarding to be apart of the team that finally won our school and city championship, and we followed the rules to
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