Hair Growth Of Baby Essay

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Some babies are born with thick hair while others are born with barely any noticeable hair. The range of normality when comes to the growth if babies hair is quite wide. Don’t get too much attached to your baby’s thick hair nor worry about his baldness. Both are not going to remain the same. During the first six months, infants often lose all the hair they are born with (baby hair) and replaced with new hair (mature hair). The new hair that grew are often differs in color and texture. Rate of this growing back procedure varies from baby to baby. Anyhow, normally, mature hair starts to grow around the sixth month. So, even if your baby looks bald for a while, there is no need to bother too much. Your child will regain the normal hair growth normally before his first birthday. When do…show more content…
Seeking medical advice is essential when a. The scalp looks scaly and unhealthy. b. The baby is born with health conditions like alopecia and thyroid problems. c. The baby is still losing hair noticeably after six month old. What determines the hair growth of the baby? All the hair follicles are developed around the sixth month of the baby inside the mother’s womb. A baby is born with specific number of hair follicle. The number of hair follicles are influenced by the genetic factors. It is these follicle that mainly determines the growth, thickness, texture and appearance (straight or curly) of the baby’s hair throughout his life. Does shaving the kids head fasten the hair growth? It is a myth with no scientific proof. There is no evidence for shaving the child’s head helps in hair to grow faster and thicker. More follicles are not formed when the head is shaved. If new follicles are not formed neither will new hair. The hair appearing thicker when grow back is merely an illusion. This is because, all the hair grown back are more or less of same length and the hair ends are in a same level. This will make the hair look

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