How Does Hamlet Affect The Theme Of King Hamlet

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How can a character in a play cause chaos and madness between other characters while that character is not physically present at the time of the scene? How can other people make their actions and feelings based on an action from someone who isn't there anymore? In Hamlet by Shakespeare, there is a character that makes other people make actions and stir their emotions around during the entire story to make them act a certain way towards others and even make a certain individual want to kill another. Without King Hamlet in the play, it would not be the same because of the actions of other characters, the effect on the theme of the story he has, and effect on the development of other characters throughout the story he has as well. King hamlet…show more content…
So how does King hamlet affect the theme of the play as a whole even while being so briefly present? It all comes off of when when he told hamlet what really happened. Hamlet was overwhelmed with madness and as a result it affected everyone else because he was acting out his madness by making them wonder why he was so mad for so long because over time they didn’t think he should still be that mad about his father's death. So when King Hamlet told his son Hamlet that he was killed by Hamlet's uncle Claudius, which is now sleeping with his mother, drove Hamlet to instantly seek vengeance for his father throughout the entire play. Which set the theme for the play being, vengeance. How did King Hamlet affect the development of other characters in the play while being present so briefly? It all spins off of the one moment when he told his last words to Hamlet of what really happened to him. Once hamlet found out the truth, he started thinking of ways he could seek vengeance for his father and he ended up coming up with putting on this act so that people would think he’s going crazy, which effected every other characters development
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