How Does Hamlet Go Crazy

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Peolpe sometimes go through some hard times. When this happens they usually go into a state of depression and have other negative symptoms that lead to negative effects. Some people get depressed while other just go into some form of madness.Imagine that a person were claiming to be insane. Then people would think that this person is actually crazy. But what if acting insane for them was like acting normal. Hamlet is one of those plays written by Shakespeare. The story takes place in Denmark. Prince Hamlet is the son of King Hamlet who was murdered by his brother Claudius. Then Hamlet meets his father's ghost and the ghost tells him the real story of how he died. The ghost then tells Crazy Hamlet to get revenge for him. Should he believe him? Why believe a ghost? Hamlet has only one way to find out if what the ghost said is true. The only way to do this is by pretending to go insane. Then there is the real question. Hamlet in some parts of the play acts as if he were actually insane. Is he actually insane or is he just pretending to be insane? Hamlet…show more content…
He just acts like he is insane to get the information he needs. Like other people when they go through hard times they eventually become a differnet person. Either for the better or the worse. Hamlet eventually finds out and then knows what to do. Hamlet may slip to madness in some moments but he never actually goes mad. After his mother dies in that last act he kills himself but does not go mad in rage that Claudius was planning to kill him. Hamlet uses a form of questioning that is called existentialism. Hamlet undergoes through some existentialism meaning that he asks himself many questions regarding life. He does not know whether to kill himself and die or if to stay alive and live the painful life he lives. The other reason why Hamlet does not want to kill himself is for fear that he will end up in a place far worse than what he is in right now. The nice little
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