How Does Hamlet Love Ophelia

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“I loved you not” Love, ranging from mutual affection to enjoyment, is a strong and powerful bond that two people can share if he or she enjoys being in the presence of the other person and both have strong feelings for each other. Hamlet and Ophelia, two crucial characters in William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, are at first thought to be in love, but as the play’s plot begins to build, it is shown that Hamlet has very little to no feelings for Ophelia. Once several conflicts and truths are revealed within the play, Hamlet’s character starts to act crazier and crazier which ultimately is a great factor on why Hamlet shows no affection towards Ophelia. Throughout the course of Hamlet, many instances are shown that Hamlet doesn’t love Ophelia, never did, and actually meant it when he said “I loved you not.” The truth about King Hamlet’s death is dwindled in a lie created by newly coronated King Claudius, who was the one to commit…show more content…
As one understands Hamlet more and more, it is witnessed that Hamlet does not posses any of those qualities. The feelings between Hamlet and Ophelia never remains mutual because Hamlet doesn’t love Ophelia while Ophelia does in fact love him. Hamlet has no respect towards Ophelia whatsoever, especially when he tells her to her face that he never loved her and that she needed to get herself to a nunnery. It is also strongly shown that Hamlet doesn’t love Ophelia when Hamlet killed Polonius and didn’t even show any grief. Hamlet hurt Ophelia by taking away the only person that actually loved her at that moment. Amidst the progression of this powerful play, Hamlet does nothing but show that he was being nothing but honest when he tells Ophelia “I loved you
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