How Does Harrison Bergeron Affect Society

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Society has often affected the way an individual portrays themselves and their thought process. In the short story “Harrison Bergeron,” we see one of the main characters George affected by the governmental views of how America should be in 2081. This short story depicts a society where everyone is equal, and if not they are given handicaps to make them equal. George Bergeron gets not only one, but two handicaps because he is smart and also strong. George is a very cautious person, especially when he starts to analyze the smallest of things. When George and Hazel are watching T.V., he notices something particular about one of the ballerinas but his thought is interrupted when a loud sound is projected into his brain. George is a law-abiding person and knows that he will…show more content…
George does not want to rock the boat when it comes to telling others they are right or wrong. George is like most of the individuals in today’s society, he knows he can change something, yet chooses to sit back and let someone dictate for him. Something that should stand out to readers during this text is when Hazel tells George she would have chimes be the noise on Sundays. George immediate responds by saying that the noise not only wouldn’t be loud enough, but it would be as cruel and that in turn made him unequal. What if individuals accept the worse and when offered something better, they believe they don’t deserve it? George’s character is somewhat insinuating this because of his abilities he deserved to be handicapped, and if he does something out of the way he needs more punishment. I chose George because I believed that he depicted what was wrong with the society and how that we let higher ranking people tell us what we deserve. George is a smart individual, and knows that his government is wrong, yet does nothing. In some cases aren’t all individuals
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