How Does Hate Affect Romeo And Juliet

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Hate impacts society more than love because hate can affect people directly and indirectly.In Romeo and Juliet early on we learn that two families hate each other the Montagues and Capulets Romeo is a Montague and Juliet is a Capulet. Their families ancient grudge causes a downward spiral of death and sadness throughout the whole story and everybody is affected in a negative way because of the families grudge. In the story a young couple falls madly in love but their love is denied by multiple obstacles leading back to their families grudge.

Romeo meets Juliet at a capulet party and they instantly fall in love not knowing each other is a part of their families rival. After meeting Juliet for about 20 seconds they start violently kissing.Romeo cannot stand to be without Juliet so he hides in her woods and overhears that Juliet is a capulet they start talking on Juliet 's balcony when Juliet
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Also Romeo and Juliet would not have had to come up with a plan to see each other if their families did not hate each other and their plan ends with both of them killing themselves just so they can be together.Finally throughout the story it all just kept pointing back to one major theme hate, if the families did not hate each other they would all still be alive and living happily ever after but because the two families hated each other everybody is dead and they have to live with the fact that their grudge against each other got their family
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