How Does Heathcliff Change Throughout The Novel

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The novel “Wuthering Heights” in chapter seven plays a key point in the developing relationship between Catherine and Heathcliff. Catherine comes off from living with a wealthy, clean-cut family known as the Lintons to return to her home at Wuthering Heights. She shows her growing relationship with Heathcliff in the way she greets him and displays her blunt description of him. Heathcliff in return adds an additional part to their relationship by his reaction to Catherine’s comments. The chapter begins with Mrs. Dean narrating the story by Catherine being greeted by Hindley, her brother, and Frances, her sister-in-law. She is eager to see Heathcliff, who was her partner in crime for most of their adventures, and notices that he is hard to find based on his character and how much he has changed during the five weeks past. However, Catherine greets Heathcliff with showers of kisses and an embrace to bring them closer together. This quick scene is essential because it portrays Catherine’s excitement and eagerness…show more content…
She states in the chapter “Why, how very black and cross you look! and how-how funny and grim!” Catherine really takes into notice the way Heathcliff has changed in the amount of time that she has been gone and starts to point out is flaws in a distinct manner. This scene adds a highlight to the chapter in the way that Catherine is noticing the way Heathcliff looks and believes it is okay to talk about him in that manner. She sees absolutely nothing wrong in the way that she is regarding his looks and it takes a toll on him in the way he reacts to her remarks. Heathcliff is tense and is directed by Hindley to greet Catherine after what she has spoken about him in a way that she believes to not have been harsh. Heathcliff will obviously react as any person would to being discussed in a negative
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