How Does Heker Use Dramatic Irony In The Stolen Party

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“The Stolen Party” is a short story written by Liliana Heker, about a young girl named Rosaura, who attends an upper-class party believing that she is a guest. Rosaura, a maid's daughter, thought that she was invited to enjoy the party of her friend Luciana. However, throughout the story, Heker subtly displays Rosaura as a servant rather than a friend to the birthday girl. Rosaura, at the time, has yet to realize and assumed that she was just special. After the party was over, Rosaura eagerly waited for the presents that Senora Ines was distributing. Instead, of handing a gift to Rosaura, Senora Ines pulls out two bills, thanking her for "all [her] help." Heker utilizes symbolization as well as dramatic irony to create pity for a girl who learns
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