How Does Hg Wells Use Metaphors In The War Of The Worlds

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Classics are known as the objects which endure the passages of time, only to passed on again and again while encompassing continuance and a sense of adventure. The War Of the Worlds by H.G. Wells was considered to be the “Father” of the science fiction genre and apply the use of curiosity to employ his readers to discover more about the otherworldly species who have invaded the diverse universe this author has created. Throughout this classic novel you follow an undefined protagonist who must endure the chaos the aliens of Mars had brought upon the unsuspecting world. This novel definitely exceeds the qualifications for the privilege of being considered a Classic with an intellectual protagonist, detailed use of metaphors and foreshadowing…show more content…
Within the novel it said. “ ...intelligences greater than man’s and yet as mortal as his own..”(Wells 9). Here Wells signals the readers the Martians will most likely not be able to conquer Earth because despite their intellectual, scientific, and technological superiority the aliens are not immortal and thus will have to pass away at some point. Another example is, “ ...sticking into the skin of our old planet Earth like a poisoned dart” (Wells 43). This statement could be interpreted as the Martins imitating that of numerous toxins coursing through a body. Their spaceships could be similar to poison darts flying from a gun, and their presence is a venom or plague about to spread through the unsuspecting hosts. The author also wrote, “ the vegetable kingdom in of a vivid blood-red tint” (Wells 145). The author utilizes human association with color to represent the aliens and what their lives are filled with. The red vegetation permeating throughout their environment signifies to the readers to associate it with a feeling of anger and or fury. The green smoke emanating from the aliens machines could be interpreted as the hope for a new life because their home was uninhabitable and thus they search for somewhere to once again consider
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