How Does Holden Caulfield Contradiction

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While doing Stradlater’s assignment, Holden mentions his younger brother, Allie. Recalling Allie and his baseball mitt, Holden said, “he’s dead now. He got leukemia and died when we were up in Maine, on July 18, 1946. You’d have liked him” (Salinger 49). Holden showed a contrast and contradiction with this quote. At the beginning of the novel, Holden made it clear that he did not want to talk about his past, and told the readers that he was only going to tell the story of what happened to him at Pencey Prep. While doing the description of the glove, Holden recounts events from his life that included Allie, showing parts of his past. Holden may have acted in this manner because he admired Allie, and was close to him before he died and Holden

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