How Does Hrothgar Respond To Beowulf's Death

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Hrothgar tells his men that today should be a day of mourning because their friend, soul mate, and true mentor is dead. He was one of the few men that he trusted; he vows to kill Grendel’s mother in Aescheres’ name. He now acknowledges that this is the consequence of killing Grendel. The king tells Beowulf that he would give him everything that he can imagine (land and treasure), if he were to kill Grendel’s mother. He talks about Grendel’s ancestry in disgust; he states that his family is hidden within ghosts and demons and they dwell within the trenches of the lake. He expresses his dislike by telling him where she lives he tells Beowulf to becareful because he knows how dangerous and strong Grendals mother can be. He makes

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