How Does Human Settlement Affect The Environment

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Geography Essay: Part B, Question B
Question B: Describe various ways in which human settlement has affected the environment (e.g., water pollution from from industry, agriculture, human waste, air pollution from vehicles and industrial emission, soil contamination from pesticides, industrial byproducts, garbage dumps, deforestation, loss of habitat from expanding settlement, loss of agricultural land to urban sprawl, light pollution from large cities, disruption of migratory routes of different species)
Human settlement has affected the environment in many ways we are not aware of. But even when we are aware, we don’t take action. We experience different environmental problems in different places. For example, pollution, soil contamination, and deforestation are one of the many problems that we face.
One of the problems that we face the most in many countries is pollution. One of the reasons why they face pollution is because of overpopulation. Since people need more food and supplies, they make more factories to provide their needs to live. In result of that, the air, water, and land are being polluted. Places like China, Saudi Arabia, and Bangladesh face these kind of problems everyday. Their land, water and air are being destroyed along with their wildlife because people are not aware of how much they have affected. Air pollution is the most dangerous form of

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