How Does Hunting Affect The Economy

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Many people would like to argue whether hunting is helpful to the economy and people’s lives or if it’s mean and unhealthy. I think hunting is very helpful and healthy because it helps the economy and helps people have a healthier life. Hunting brings in more money and helps people get their healthy lifestyle habits. Many places look at the money brought into the economy by hunters. According to the informational text, the economy was given a lot of money from hunting. Over the years hunting has created many jobs, and raised a lot of money from taxes and other fundraisers. In the text it also says that “many of the small “mom and pop stores”, gas stations, and other establishments deeply appreciate hunter dollars.” The text also says since hunters kill deer for free, hunting is cheap for taxpayers because the people dont owe taxes towards the hunters. A lot of the hunting funds are given to wildlife management which helps the state.…show more content…
Many people around America are interested in living an organic lifestyle, which means eating healthier. According to the text, “locally grown” is becoming a new way to eat fresh fruit, vegetables, and also meat. Since meat from hunting doesn’t go through the process that the grocery stores put it through, it is all natural meat. In the Organic Lifestyles paragraph it says that hunting is the same thing as having your own garden because they’re both all natural. Hunting is helpful to the economy and peoples organic lifestyles. It helps the economy stay high with all the money it makes from hunting. Hunting also helps people stay healthy by eating organic food. Hunting has many pros, and these are some of them. “One does not hunt in order to kill; on the contrary one kills in order to have hunted.”-Jose Ortega y
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