How Does Hurricane Harvey Affect My Life

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I spent over six hours serving a friend of mine fix his house after Hurricane Harvey’s devastation took place. I aided him, and his family by cleaning their carpets using a mop, a scraper tool, and a concrete floor grinder. During my time over there I observed that Hurricane Harvey caused a lot of destruction to their house due to their sheetrock, their cabinets, and several valuable electronics being destroyed. For the first time, I was educated on how to use a scraper tool properly and efficiently against the flooring which caused the residue to come off perfectly. Surprisingly, I did smell a strong aroma coming from the container bottle we used and the flooring itself felt mushy and wet like mud. My experience was a little different from what I was expecting since the task was more tedious and tiring to accomplish than I anticipated. What impacted the way I viewed the situation the most was seeing my friends in desperate need of help throughout the whole encounter. What I…show more content…
During my time there, I learned not to take for granted the little things in life, such as a place to live and the materialistic things I possess. I can apply this experience to my life by being thankful for the little things in life I do have and for my home that shelters me every day of my life. Something I would’ve liked to learn more about would be how else the tools are used and how my friend’s family could’ve been better prepared for the hurricane. The knowledge I would like to share with my peers or my community would be to aid others when support is needed no matter your opinion about that individual and be grateful for the things and people you do have in your life. Lastly, if I had the opportunity to do the project once more I would have changed my negative attitude towards helping my friends and would try to be more prepared to work those long hours helping
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