How Does Huxley Present Death In Brave New World

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Brave New World Comparison
Life can often prove insignificant and seemingly unimportant as one may look back on the accomplishments and passing of billions and billions of people. In the twentieth century novel, Brave New World, Aldous Huxley uses imagery to reveal the overall lack of importance and significance of death in each individual’s life. Huxley shows how insignificant each individual life is, as many lives come and go each day, and how often life may seem to lack a purpose. By the use of imagery such as “the violet depth of canyons,” and “a mosaic of white bones,” Huxley shows the enormous number of people who die in a single area, as well as the unimportance such deaths play to the people as a very minimal response to the deaths
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Huxley shows how easy it remains for society to lose its ‘humanity’ and empathy for actions such as death as society fails to recognize the large role death plays to every individual. In the poem, “Brave New World,” Robert William Service also reveals the insignificance of life and death as he uses alliteration. Service also shows how little of an impact death may play as in the end, it often seems as though all people meet the same end, regardless of what may occur in person’s life. Death proves not very substantial because, “when we have played life’s lively game right royally we’ll rot,” as in the end “to grub for gold or grab for fame” it seems as though it “will all be the bloody same a hundred years from now” (Service 9-16). Service’s use of alliteration portrays the idea that regardless of what occurs in life, everybody dies and therefore life and death hold little importance. The alliteration helps show how regardless of choices in life and success in life, everybody must eventually die, and if everybody dies, death shows far too common to seem sacred or special. Both Huxley and Service show how society may turn to care less about seemingly very important and very sacred events such as death in the future, should the people allow
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