How Does Huxley Use Satire In Brave New World

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Carolina Ortiz AP English Brave New World Introduction Brave New World is a novel written by Adlous Huxley, published 1932 in France. The story was inspired by H. G. Wells utopian novels, but Huxley later created the book as a parody, by providing an alternate terrifying future. Adlous Huxley had an unpleasant perception of the young culture due to their sexual behaviors, drugs, and the effect of advanced technology. Throughout the book Huxley introduces themes such as the use of technology to control society and the conflict between happiness and truth. The novel starts off with the at the Central London Hatching and Conditioning Centre, where the Director is giving a tour to a group of boys. The boys learn how identical babies are made through bottles. Where they get separated by Alpha, Beta,…show more content…
Johnson starts off by explaining the meaning of satire which is “successful when the writer can make an audience believe the idea presented is not only logical, but practical.” She explains how Huxley gives this sort of humor to the social problem which is caused by people. She gives a little background to the story, explaining how there was no problems in the world such as war, and if there was anything wrong, people would just take soma to have hallucinations about being in this happy world. Johnson also gives details on how people were controlled by the system, choosing how fetuses are grown and how the system controls their thoughts and actions. Johnson also gives a view on how religion was not important during that time, that “there was no need for religion.” John wanted a God, freedom, and sins, he just wanted to feel something other than happiness. To summarize this, Johnson believed that some people do live happy but the “true value in life comes from living through hard times, and persevering so as to become complete, while human
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