How Does Hydrochloric Acid Affect The Amount Of Calcium Carbonate

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Procedure The aim of this experiment was to determine how variations in the amounts of calcium carbonate would affect the amount of carbon dioxide produced within the time frame of one minute. By measuring the amount of carbon dioxide produced, the changes in the rate of reaction could also be determined. By the end of the minute, the more carbon dioxide was produced, the faster the rate of reaction. Throughout the minute, the flask containing hydrochloric acid and calcium carbonate was swirled around in continuous, circular motions. At the end of the sixty seconds, measurements were read off the indicator lines on the measuring cylinder where the waterline sat. The measurements were read this way, as there was no air inside the cylinder before the experiment. As gas is less dense than water, when the carbon dioxide was produced, it rose to the top of the cylinder, pushing the water out. Therefore, the waterline in the cylinder indicated how much gas was created. Evaluation of experiment and results The experiment was carried out in order to record the amount of carbon dioxide created with varying amounts of calcium carbonate. The hypothesis stated that the more calcium carbonate was added, the more carbon dioxide would be produced. This statement was supported by the results collected from the experiment. The setup for the…show more content…
This was not sufficient enough, as with only one sample size, the random errors couldn’t be identified, as there were no other results to compare to. The higher the sample size, the more accurate the final average and result is, as it shows that the data is consistently showing up a certain way. Random errors are easily spotted with higher sample sizes, and they also taint the final results less than they would with less sample sizes. With this experiment, it was assumed that some errors were random or systematic, but no evidence apart from the variations in differences of results of various independent

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