How Does Iago Manipulate Othello's Character

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The understanding of someone’s nature allows the perpetrator to target their victim mentally by manipulation as well as their perspective during different situations. In the play “Othello by Shakespeare, Iago is able to manipulate others and use others perspective on situations to demolish others. Iago uses his manipulative skills and his understanding of others perspectives to destroy others as well as fulfill his evil intentions. Iago’s knowledge on human nature allows him to easily understand other’s perspectives and manipulate his victim Othello. Iago is able to destroy Othello’s trust with Desdemona due to his understanding Othello’s perception on situations regarding Desdemona and Cassio. First off, Iago gives Othello’s handkerchief to Cassio to warp Othello’s mentality. It was your handkerchief Othello “by this hand. And to see how he prizes the foolish/woman your wife:she gave it to him” (IV.I.171-172). Iago understands that the handkerchief that Othello gave to Desdemona resembled his trust for her and by Iago saying “foolish/ woman…show more content…
Iago’s is able to use his knowledge of Othello’s perspective during situations to his advantage as he is able to lead Othello into believing that Desdemona is not trustworthy to him due to taking innocent events and warping them into targeting Othello specifically. Iago also manipulates Othello by misleading him with wrong information to make him believe that Desdemona is not honest and trustworthy to Othello. Iago is able to destroy Othello because he has an understanding of Othello’s flaw and how he can target Othello specifically to cause him to lose trust in his wife and Cassio as well as lead him to his demise. The understanding of someone’s life allows a perpetrator to take advantage of their’s victim's life and destroy them mentally by the use of manipulation and their point of
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