Ict In Our Life Essay

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The 21st century is the century of information technology. Because they are used in absolutely every field: medicine, science, construction, industry, education, etc. Therefore, I use ICT practically whenever and wherever. In order to report someone important information I just can give him a call using you’re the mobile phone, or send him an email or SMS. For example 100 years ago, people in order to convey to anyone the information or news, they used messengers and thus wasting a lot of time, did not even know reached this information to that person or not, but now, with the help of ICT we can do it in seconds, transmit information to absolutely anywhere in the land. Every day when I come to class, the teacher explained, that is transmitted to us new information and knowledge through the computer and interactive whiteboard, and when we were doing homework, get more information through the Internet. It is also currently developed online library, where any student can find the book they need, and read it. In our country, recently introduced an online diary for pupils, I think it is a very important for both parent and child. Because many parents simply do…show more content…
Even the good thing with positive qualities will always be negative and I think that ICT effects the same on my life both positively and negatively. Using ICT I save a lot of my time, as well as the time can not be reversed - this is a very big progress. I can not spend a lot of money to buy the book, read it online or watch my favorite film free, and with the help of ICT I can save not only time but also money. I can find any information I need without spending a lot of time again, and not looking for different sources where I could find this particular information, I can be at the center of global events and news, etc. It is a very small part of the listing of how ICT has a positive effect on my

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