How Does Identity Shape Your Identity

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Many people have different ideas about what identity is because of how broad of a topic it can be. Identity is what or who a person is (what traits do they have) and at the same time it is a great deal more than that. Identity is a long process; you cannot find it in an evening. Identity is defined by many key factors in life which can range from personal choices to your upbringing as a child. Identity could be the type of clothing on your back to who you decide to associate yourself with. There are three major things which can define a person and ultimately shape their identity. Family, friends and your environment are all of the major things which identify you to other people and to yourself. Confidence building is a strong part of finding your identity. Family is crucial in building your personal identity throughout your life because they are always there for you and your family is extremely important in…show more content…
Spending a large amount of time together with someone will cause you to pick up traits and words that they do/say. If you are always around somebody who is sad you will also be sad, Friends have a direct influence to you and affect you in a colossal way. Friends in a social aspect is crucial to building identity, not only do your friends affect your thinking/acting patterns but they also change you at your core, you begin to think and act like said friends and this shapes your identity. Friends bring more than just simple Identity building to your life, they bring diversity and they bring a lot of information you would not have learned without them. There are many different types of friends and this bring a different level of comfort to you. In our society people view you by who you hang out with because the people you hang out with have a direct influence onto
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