How Does Illegal Immigration Affect The Economy

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Over a period of time illegal immigration has become a very large topic in not just the United States but also all around the world. An illegal immigrant is known as a person or persons who is leaving their countries due to a dangerous atmosphere, lack of work, poverty, etc. Many immigrants take a huge risk in moving into a foreign country in search of a better life, others leave because of political reasons, and some leave because of better job opportunities in other countries. Many immigrants are coming into foreign countries and taking jobs from citizens that could be filling those jobs, and is hurting the countries economies. The increasing number of illegal immigrants in many countries has negatively affected many countries economies,…show more content…
Hirby wrote that “The economy consists of the free flow of money, goods and services as well as the production of such goods and services.” (“ How Does Illegal Immigration Hurt The Economy?” J. Hirby) Illegal immigration can affect economy in quite a negative way because the immigrants work to support loved ones and get paid less than minimum wage, except the money they make does not go to the economy but to their families back home. In the past ten years, illegal immigration has greatly increased from 5-12 million immigrants all over the world. This has definitely affected countries in many areas including, the wages and finances of the immigrants, security threats, and more. As stated before many immigrants come into foreign countries and take jobs from people who actually live in the country and is working way less than minimum wage which brings a negative affect when it comes to paying taxes. Although people may think that illegal immigration is a horrible thing which it is, it can also do some good to countries…show more content…
This helps companies produce products at a cheaper rate and provide services and products in a larger number to a larger market at a reasonable price. This is beneficial to the economy because if one is able to sell a large quantity at a reasonable price, more and more people are going to purchase that good. Another valid point about illegal immigration is that the majority of immigrants are willing to perform jobs that the majority of countries citizens are not willing to do. Illegal immigration can be viewed in two different ways, one can look at it as a completely negative thing and one can also see some positivity in immigration, usually small business owners because immigrants are seen as hard working people. There are many pros and cons with illegal immigration that really gives the reader a better understanding of what illegal immigration really
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