How Does Immigration Affect America

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Immigration, a topic people have countless differences on. So many are for it: so many are against it. If researched, it does not seem immigrants a great of an effect on America. Many Americans are unemployed simply because immigrants take jobs. Turn on the television, and one hears about is higher crime rates. Our country today is suffering from racism based on the pigmentation of our skin. Tune into the news, first topic discussed is crime. Someone has been shot, thrown into prison, or worse, killed. Recently, America has been under attack by a group of terrorists from Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Immigrants come to America, get jobs, and help the ones back home. Many of these terrorist are getting too close for comfort. A 30-year-old man ran a kiosk in the Orange Park mall in Florida. He "plotted to travel overseas to join the Islamic State" (Piggott.) The FBI has revealed 30 Americans have been arrested on accounts related to helping ISIS (Ashford.).…show more content…
Walk down the street, spot someone who does not look like an average citizen, and people immediately start judging them. Everyone does it. Not only is racism affecting adults but children too. Children are like sponges who pick up what is being said. "If mommy and daddy do not like certain people, then I do not either." This is causing children to bully one another because others talk, look, and act differently. Discrimination comes from historical backgrounds. Also, racism has been accountable since America started. Some Americans hold grudges with the people who fought in wars against other
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