How Does Immigration Change American Culture

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There are millions of immigrants currently residing in the US . Some of which are legally here, some whom are not legally here. All of those who choose to come to the states are in some way “changed “ & The original citizens are also affected by the immigrants. Most are changed for the better. We as a class explored this change through the reading of The plymouth Plantation , The General history of Virginia , coming of age in the dawnland, & The Tempest . One can & should conclude , especially after reading the previously stated texts..that Immigration changes America Economically , & enriches American culture. In return America helps introduce new ways of life & gives hope to those who immigrant from other countries . Throughout the plymouth plantation the Indians influence & introduce the way in which things are…show more content…
We take classes to essentially learn more about certain countries , such as spanish . While they learn more about ours by simply living there everyday NEW life. Diversity is not a bad thing. Moving along , immigration allows for more job opportunities. The immigrants are able to help , anyway they can . Consider The Tempest , Though this may be a very negative comparison , Ariel was able to “help” prospero on the new land..even though it was technically by force. Caliban was also able to “help” Prospero on the new land. New people equals more helping hands & resources. Today’s immigrants help build & strengthen our economy. They are our engineers scientist & innovators. They start businesses . They help structure & organize our country much like the organized structure spoke about in The coming of the Dawnland called the “hopewell country “ . Not saying that we have culture similar, but rather praising the way of having structure. Immigrants also boost earnings for American
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