How Does Insomnia Affect Your Daily Life

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My sleep quality becomes worse in this year, I cannot sleep well and inability fall asleep. Sleep helps the body get enough rest, thus restoring strength and energy. However, insomnia can affect my daily life and make me feel exhausted and anxiety. Firstly, Insomnia is affecting the impact of daily work. Normally, enough sleep can make our minds clear. However, due to the insomnia which can lack the concentration and focus on the study. For instance, I feel exhausted and cannot pay attention, to listen what teacher say. Also, I cannot effectively memorize the knowledge and concentrate the work what I need to do. When the teacher gives me a lot of work, I cannot cope with the amount of work. Insomnia is reducing my ability. Also, insomnia is also affecting the emotion. Lack of sleep can affect the mental state. I feel tired in the whole day can easily feel unhappy for something occurs. Not enough sleep so easy to feel tired at work, do the own thing and feel no anticipated ability to compete. Affect the mood, such as anxiety, stress and depression. Thirdly, insomnia is also affecting the health problem. One needs the enough sleep to have enough energy. Lacking sleep decrease the ability of the immune system, Germs can easily invade the body without the greater immune system. Insomnia is a serious effect of my life such as behavior, emotion and…show more content…
There is a lot of workload in college such as project, test, mid term and assignment. I am not used to be coping these workloads in the short term. The workload leads me feel exhausted and unable to solve the problem. I can use the psychological concept what is stress of pressure to prove this problem. I expected to go to university soon, this expected to behave in the study. So I want to perform a good result in college. And this pressure makes me feel anxiety. Finally, cumulative nature of stress makes me feel tired and unable to cope it, so causing the

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