How Does Inter-Religious Conflict Hurt People Over Time

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How inter-religious conflict has hurt people over time.
As discussed earlier, while organized religions followers have provided some individual followers, they have also caused numerous and devastating losses for mankind over history and continuing today: benefits for many
1. Religions have shamelessly obstructed scientific truth while promoting despicable behavior (i.e. that genocide is acceptable, and little girls should not learn how to read, that an eye for an eye vengeance is acceptable, etc.), and widespread ignorance (i.e. that the Sun and Moon are gods, that the geocentric solar system, the Earth is 6000 years old, Creationism, etc.). Going even further in their obstruction of truth, religious leaders have persecuted those who discovered the truth or dared to be different while hurting no one. God is always truth and never a sponsor of stupid and ignorant words and deeds. Only people can do that. Eventually, God's side will always win and he obviously is on the side of those seeking the truth through the scientific method.
2. All religions follow the same pattern of promising a wonderful imaginary afterlife if the follower behaves in a particular way which can be completely contradictory to another religion. The follower of each religion is taught to believe he is right
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Religious books and preachers always claim to be based on the word of God, and sometimes testify to God's action or instructions to commit despicable behavior. That can never be true. Further, they claim man was created in God's own image even though no one has ever seen God. That cannot be true either. Obviously, man has created God in his own image to produce organized religion for his own ends. That is why all organized religions by their very nature produce so many problems for mankind, they all basically demand faith in manmade artifacts and fairy tales which the followers of each religion believing they are right and the others doomed. That creates a fertile ground for
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