How Does International War Affect International Law

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201311475 International Law Ms. Pauline Brillantes
AB Political Science TTH: 3:30-5:00 Prelim

Thesis Statement: International Law has been the key for the states to maintain peace and order. This has been also used as an essential aspect of international relations. However, the aggressive war between different states and nations has an effect on the imposition of international law. The United Nation has a role in addressing issues on international law about global, economic and social issues.

1. Aggressive war between Nations and States
a. World war I and II
b. Treaties and Agreements

2. Importance of United Nations on the issues
a. UN Charter
b. Terrorism

Conclusion: From the historical development of international law,
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The two world wars have a huge impact in developing and enact the international law.

This paper aims to discuss how aggressive war, which is the World War II and II that affects the imposition of international law. This will also tackle about the importance of United Nations in addressing the issues on economic, political and social issues. We all know that there is no international law during our prehistoric times. The World Wars have a huge impact to develop international law. War among the states naturally occurs because of their different perspective and interest. The two world wars, (World War 1 and 2), has awaken the enmity among the states that they need to have a governing body to avoid that kind of catastrophe. The World War 1, a Global War
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The ILC (International Law Commission), draw a layout about the topics in international law that will be used to an opened ratification by states and into conventions. The UN also develops a policy designed to reconcile and facilitate laws in the regulations on international trade. They are also the one who develop the international environmental law. For example, because of the huge emission of carbon of the industrialized countries that can cause a global warming and harm on the developing countries, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change make an agreement which is called Kyoto protocol, that demand to reduce the emissions of major greenhouse gases on the industrialized countries. (UN Web Services Section | Department of Public Information, 2009). The United Nations has an importance in addressing the issues on global, economic and social issues since United Nations is the one who is implementing policies among states when they are signatory to this. Thus, the Charter of United Nations helps to keep the international placidity and sanctuary; to obtain a potent general measures for the suppression of indication of danger on peace. It also gives policy on a settlement of international disputes among territory. It also recuperates better relations between nations on the basis of self determination and equal rights. The Charter of UN also helps to attain collaboration to solve an
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